Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Meet the Crafters: Two Cheese Please

One of the many crafters making their Northside Makers Market debut this Saturday is Holly from Two Cheese Please. Hola Holly!

Tell us about what you sell ...
I suffer from craft ADD so I tend to make a lot of things! When I first started my wee crafty 'business' I was just trying to sell whatever I had fun making, but I think that worked out to be too broad a range, so I've narrowed it down to custom plushies, hand-carved stamps, and my felt/needlefelt range of toys, jewellery, and needlefelt sculptures.

What's your favourite medium to work in?
I love felt and fabric! And polar fleece which is kind of like a softer, stretchier felt. I started off using felt as a medium because it's so forgiving and you don't need seam allowances, which is great for a beginner. I've since moved on from store bought pre-made acrylic felt to hand dyed 100% wool felt and of course, my new love, needle felting! Oh and of course how can you forget the carving rubber for my stamps!

What would you be lost without ....
I'd be lost without my kitchen paper which I use for drafting patterns, tracing, and pattern templates. I'm also a big fan of my rotary cutter and quilting ruler - I have a neat little set-up on a kitchen cutting board with my cutting mat to fit and my rotary cutter - great for cutting fabric while watching TV on the couch!

What do you like to listen to when you craft?
I have a rather ecclectic range of music but for crafting I prefer softer music with a good upbeat beat and a nice melody. I love too many artists to possibly name!

Your proudest crafty moment?
Definitely attending the Stitches & Craft Show last year. I hadn't done any markets before and so it was completely nerve-wracking. I was filled with self-doubt but it was one of the best experiences I've had since starting my craft journey, so I'm so glad I could take part!

Are you working on something new for this market?
I'm madly working away on some needle felted jewellery, which I hope to have finished in time for the February Northside Makers Market! I'm a big fan of treating yourself to something new and pretty to wear, and I think needle felted rings and earrings (and maybe a few necklaces) will be something interesting and different.

Where else can people shop for your goodies?
I have an etsy store people can visit at twocheeseplease.etsy.com but since a lot of my work is custom/commission, a better idea is to pop over to my flickr portfolio and check out the sort of work I have done before (and could do for you!).

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  1. Haha what a great post, I love the ice cream cones there brilliant.


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