Friday, March 5, 2010

Social Network with us!

Have you invited your nearest and dearest to Northside Makers Market yet? It's easy with our Facebook event listing! Just click the link, RSVP for yourself and send an invitation to all your friends. Be brave - don't just invite your real friends, send an invite to those people from high school who you haven't seen for fifteen years. It could lead to discovering a mutual love of handmade and a resparked friendship!

Cathie Crocker
Bring your friends!

When we first planned Northside Makers Market we decided to hold four markets over what could losely be described as 'summer'. We've had October, November and February... yep, that means March is the last one for now. So if you've always meant to come check out our lovely market but haven't quite made it, Saturday 13th March is your last chance (for now)!

Two Cheese Please
Don't panic! Northside Makers have plenty more social activities in the works.


  1. Nice pictorial illustrations. Easy to catch up. Northside makers is the best and known for simplicity.


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