Friday, January 22, 2010

Come one, come all!

The calendar informs us it's only two weeks until the next Northside Makers Market - hope you've enjoyed your break because it's market season again!


As always we've created an event listing on Facebook so you can easily invite all your friends and help promote Northside Makers Market around teh interwebz. Click here and start sending out those invitations!

If you can help by putting up a Northside Makers Market poster in your workplace, school, childcare centre or nearest poster-covered powerpole send us an email at northsidemakers [at] and we'll send some out to you! We also have A6 flyers available which are just right for leaving on the counter at your favourite cafe (get the manager's permission first!).

Northside Makers Market is operated by volunteers - help us make your market great.

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