Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Craft Hope

In amongst all the posts for Valentines Day crafts, I stumbled across this one ...

Craft Hope is an initiative of a number of crafty women who wanted to make a difference. Sale from their etsy shop are rapidly approaching $10,000 and proceeds go towards the Doctors without Borders. If you are feeling helpless like I am, perhaps this is something you can do.

All proceeds of the Craft Hope Etsy shop will benefit Doctors Without Borders in Haiti. All items have been generously donated by the crafting community. If you'd like to donate an item please visit the Craft Hope website (www.crafthope.com).

We are humbled, overwhelmed, and grateful for everyone who has supported this shop. We will continue to accept donations through Wednesday 1/20. After that point we will take a short break to be able to get systems in order to go forward. You can read more on the Craft Hope website. The shop will remain open.

Find all of the information you need at these links:

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  1. What a wonderful post, thanks so much for sharing this with us.


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