Saturday, August 22, 2009

Coffee and Crochet on Sunday 23rd August, Thornbury

Just a reminder to those of you who are coming, Coffee and Crochet on Sunday 23rd of August at 1pm - 3pm Crunch Cafe 669 (not 660) High Street, Thornbury, near where Shaftsbury Street meets High Street. Look for the green "Crunch" sign.


  1. Just letting you know I will definitely try to pop in tomorrow afternoon for a cuppa.

  2. I'm there. Absolutely 100% there. See you at 1pm!

  3. sorry, i know i said yes, but i'm going to have to bail. Starting a new scary job tomorrow, had people over yesterday and no one left till after 5am. I am quite exhausted and while I'm sure crochet won't be that taxing, i'm pretty sure people would look at me strangely if i showed up wearing my pjs and last nights make up....
    I would love to come next week though- this is something I really want to be involved in, just poor timing this sunday.
    Hope you have a great day, it's beautiful outside!

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