Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wrap up: Coffee and Craft in Thornbury

It was fun for all at the first Northside Makers Craft and Coffee in Thornbury.

We crocheted and crafted the afternoon away while drinking coffee, tea and eating yummy hazelnut brownies!

Who came? Northside Makers Members Jay from Finki, Jennie from Craving Frocks and Margaret from Konstant Kaos. Beky from Pivotal Expressions, Sian and her friend Rachel, Melanie from M* and Chrissy.

Most of us crocheted away, some first timers and some real pro's, whilst others (see Jennie's pic with robot arms) stitched together little projects.
We also shared some great resources that we had discovered on crochet:
Thanks to every one who dropped by to say hello, it was lovely to meet you all.
Stay tuned for our next coffee and catch up at a suburb near you.................


  1. Great photos! I'm going to make another 8 robot arms, sew them to some fingerless gloves and restyle myself as Jennie Robothands.

  2. I got bugger all crotchet done, but it was fun just to have 3 hours away from life and sit with crafty peeps.
    Jennie robothands, could become a trend.

  3. How lovely - i'm looking forward to joining in very soon!

  4. I got lots of crochet done but didn't do much for the conversation!! Sorry guys. What a dufus. Next time I'll do some crochet that doesn't require me to count and concentrate.

    It was a great afternoon, great idea, great coffee, great chai and great to meet you all.

  5. Thanks for a great time. Wonderful to meet new faces. Looking forward to the next time.


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