Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Moving On Out

Shed exteriorEvery week I have fun playing My Creative Space, hosted by Melbourne blogger Kirsty. Some creative spaces are messy, some have cats in them, and some make you want to run out and buy a lottery ticket so you have a chance at something nearly as nice. Custom shelving, fat quarters stacked by colour and print, Great Grandmother's beads she brought over as a little girl from Eastern Europe stored in a quaint jar.*

When my partner and I moved into this rental house I was lucky enough to score the master bedroom as my creative space. I've got a large workbench for cutting out (not at the right height for standing, unfortunately), a separate table for my sewing machine and overlocker, an ironing board that never has to be packed away - bliss! But over the last eighteen months my space has evolved to house a spare double bed for visiting in-laws, toys all over the floor to entertain the baby, and barely a spot for me to stand.

Shed interiorOur backyard has an odd little shed. It's made of the same dark brown brick as the house, and its window has a lace curtain. Confused guests always ask if it's a granny flat, but it would have to be for the tiniest granny in the land.** The brick construction is waterproof enough, and only the unsealed ceiling lets in grot. It leaves a bit to be desired as a workroom - better lighting and copious powerpoints are essential, a custom-built bench for the sewing machines with wall storage above are highly desirable, and plastered walls painted a charming shade of cream would really complement the lace curtain.

But there are some dream backyard studios out there. From a basic kit construction to a stylish retreat to this commended Adelaide studio and carport, there's a lot of possibilities for turning your backyard into a room of one's own. Here's some unique, picturesque and stylish backyard studios to get your imagination running. On a practical note, you might like these tips about choosing the right size and spot for your backyard room. But be sure to research council permits, electrical safety requirements and the disappointment levels of garden-deprived household members before you start digging a foundation.

* This is not intended to describe any one creative space - if my fantasy has accurately described yours, I'm so jealous!

** Perhaps the one whose Eastern European beads have been stolen and sealed in a jar. If you look closely at the interior shed shot you can see garlic hanging from the eaves - my mythical granny must be from Romania.

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