Saturday, August 22, 2009

Geek Craft

DalekIt's always a happy morning on my iBook when One Pretty Thing publish a Geek Craft Roundup. Oh the happy times browsing blogs and Flickr albums of Pokemon cross stitch, Doctor Who knitting patterns and Tetris earrings.

Their latest geeky roundup features a golden snitch crochet pattern, d20 Handbag of Holding instructions, and for the heroically geeky a Legend of Zelda opening title cross stitch pattern.

My baby Little Jack is approaching his first birthday and as a geeky handmade present I'm making him this amazing felt robot by Gulf Coast Cottage. But for his next birthday my goal is to learn how to read a knitting pattern and make Little Jack his very own TARDIS or cuddly Dalek.

I've just found out, while finding links for this post, that the BBC forced Doctor Who knitting fanatic Mazzmatazz to remove her free online Doctor Who knitting patterns. Just goes to show to copyright beasts can leap on the most innocent of prey.

Maybe one of the free handmade projects from the links above would be the perfect thing to bring along to Northside Makers' crochet and coffee afternoon tomorrow!

Knitted Dalek photo from Entropy House


  1. Seeing I'm a Doctor Who fan from way back. Member of the club etc. I still have my original 'The Doctor Who Pattern Book' by Joy Gammon

  2. I wish i could make it but i work on Sunday`s, hopefully i will be able to make a Saturday one if you have one.



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