Thursday, September 17, 2009

Meet the Northside Crafters: Curlypops

Curlypops is another crafty Northside lady who will be selling her wares at our October Market.

Tell us about what you sell ...

I sell a rather eclectic range of products (which I blame on my short attention span). My first love is handbags, but I also sell brooches, aprons, bibs, blankets, and bookmarks.

What inspires you?

I'm mainly inspired by colour and texture. I tend to not follow convention with my crafting, and so I love reading blogs that feature lots of experimentation and new techniques.

I don't have any favourite inspirational websites.... just 300 favourite crafty blogs.

What's your favourite medium to work in?

For the last few years, textiles have been my favourite medium. In my younger years, I loved to paint.

What would you be lost without ....

My sewing machine for sure!

What's your favourite crafty read?

I have a huge selection of 70's craft books that I've collected from the op shop...great for a bit of kitsch. I think my favourite of all time would have to be Bend The Rules Sewing, as it's the book that started me onto this path a couple of years ago.

What do you like to listen to when you craft?

I love any of the Ministry of Sound Chillout Sessions CD's. They're the perfect low key groovy tunes to play in the background.

What crafty forums do you lurk in ....

I don't tend to lurk in any forums - crafty blogland and facebook are enough for me!

Whats up next for you on the craft front?

I'd really like to get back to my high school art days but combine it with textiles, and create some textile art.

Do you have any UFO's (unfinished objects),what are they?

I always have a huge UFO pile - things that haven't worked, things that I just got bored with - they range from bags, headbands, bibs, clothing repairs..... then there's always the half finished mosaic artworks circa 2003.

Where else can people shop for your goodies?

I have an online shop - and I also take custom orders and direct orders via email -
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  1. I'm loving this series of interviews. And yay for Ms Curlypops!

    Holly xx

  2. great interview with the wonderful Ms Curlypops ♥

  3. Curly Pops is an extra ray of sunshine in the blogging world

  4. I heart Curly Pops. Great blogger and talented designer. Cam is always happy to help and share advice with others in the blog/craft community.

    Good Luck for your debut at Northside Makers.

    Jen in Melbourne


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