Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Coffee and Craft wrap up

A lovely couple of hours was spent at CERES on Sunday for our Coffee and Craft meet up.

We had a few familiar faces from our last coffee n chat and some lovely newbies.

Sudha was there with her tatting, Emma and Margaret crocheted away, Cathy came along for a chat whilst the multitasking wonder, Melanie somehow managed to work out how to hold baby and crochet at the same time......(respect!). Rachel a newbie turned up along with Jay and Jennie and the talented Melanie* was working on some beautiful redwork for Kooyoto's Quilt Project, breathtaking.

About half way through the afternoon Barbara joined us, an octogenarian who wanted to learn how to crochet. We were delighted to hear that she saw our article in the leader and had to smile when she told us that she had to get her daughter to look us up on the net, as she didn't have a computer at home. Craft knows no boundaries, and when an 86 year old wants to join the club.....
she's not gunna let a little bit of missing technology come between us.

Thanks for hunting us down Barbara, we're glad to have you on board.

We had such a great day and as usual time just flies. Too soon, it was home time and several of the dads turned up with the kids. Luckily it was a perfect venue for entertaining crafty mums, dads and kids alike. So we managed to steal a bit more time whilst the kids buried themselves in the sandpit.......

Keep an eye on our blog, for the next coffee n' craft dates.
A perfect way to meet like minded peeps from your neighbourhood.


  1. Well I look forward to joining you next time... I hope!

  2. Oh hey, you managed to snap a photo with me in it, and I didn't even notice! It was great to meet you all on Sunday, look forward to doing it again soon... hopefully when I've had a bit more sleep!


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