Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sprout Community Market

sproutWinter has fled, spring is thoroughly here and with it we welcome back Sprout Community Market.

Combining the organic sensibility of a farmer's market with the relaxed warmth of a summer evening market, the Sprout Community Market is held on the first Thursday of every month from September to May. It's the perfect chance to restock your local produce supply after picking the kids up from school on on your way home from work. All the fresh produce has been grown within 160km of Thornbury, which takes all the hassle out of the 100 Mile Diet. There's also plants, crafts and herbs on sale, as well as live music and ready-to-eat food to flavour your summer evening. The weather's gorgeous today so why not take the family along for an outdoor dinner?

Don't only enjoy Sprout as a visitor. After spending a lovely evening at the market you like to think about selling your own wares there next time. Visit Sprout's site to find out more and download an application form.

Sprout is affiliated with Mind and all proceeds are put towards programs supporting the homeless and those with mental illness.

Sprout Community Market
corner of Clapham and Watt Streets, Thornbury
First Thursday of every month (September to May)

Image borrowed from Mind

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