Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Meet the Northside Crafters: Little Waltz

Today's featured crafter is Celeste from Little Waltz

Tell us about what you sell ...
I sell jewellery and accessories for children and adults both. These are suitable for all occasions really. They can either dress up or dress down your outfit depending on how you wear them. Take the piece below for example , Cosette could just as easily go with a shirt and jeans or with a flowy dress. Versatility is something I firmly believe in!

What inspires you?
Nature, food, music.. these are all things that inspire me! I love watching musicals: the My Fair Lady choker was a result of a late night's rerun of (you guessed it! ) My Fair Lady. The Rain, Rain Go Away brooch was made during one of my musings as to why it always rains when I need to go out... I love birds, flowers.. and these are all things that inspire me! I spend a lot of time looking out of my windows to just stare at the sky and marvel at the colours.

What's your favorite medium to work in?
This is a hard question and there's no real favourite medium... I suppose if I really had to answer, I'd say metal? I'd like to make jewellery with precious metal clay some day, but for now, I'll concentrate on my wires and beads.

What would you be lost without ....
I'm a sad sad creature of the modern ages. I'd be really lost without my laptop and iphone. But other than my electronics, I'd also be lost without my pliers and a good book to read.

What's your fave crafty read
Creative Beading! I've gone through so many different beading magazines but Creative Beading is still the best.

What do you like to listen to when you craft?
It depends on my mood! Sometimes it's chinese drama dvds playing in the background, sometimes it's korean drama dvds.. sometimes it's just my itunes on an endless loop... right now it's the soundtrack to Chicago the musical.

What crafty forums do you lurk in ....
I spend a lot of time with the DUSTers on the DUST forums, and some time in the Australian Beading forum

What's up next for you on the craft front?
The Northside Makers Market actually! I've stopped all projects to get ready for the market, so hopefully it will be a really awesome one!

Do you have any UFO's (unfinished objects), what are they?
Plenty of unfinished projects around here. I like to work on different things all at once, keeps it exciting! There's a sweets and candy charms bracelet that I need to finish up, a lot more cameo necklaces and chokers to finish up; and some sewing to be done to get some brooches done up.

Where else can people shop for your goodies?

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