Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Softies For Mirabel - Crafting For Charity Project

Fancy another project? Not busy enough?

Meet me at Mikes is participating in the Softies for Mirabel Crafting for Charity Project again this year. It is part of the Mirabel Toy Drive. This is the third year of the toy drive, pictures can be found on their flickr site.

Should Northside Makers get involved? If we get enough people we might schedule a crafternoon or two with some instruction from some crafters that have done this before.

Shout out in the comments if you think we should organise something.


  1. I think it's a great idea for our gang. I don't have softie designing experience, but I'm trained in patternmaking so hopefully I can help people convert their sketches into 3D objects. Maybe someone can design a softie for me to make seeing as I'm lacking in that area!

  2. I think it's a great idea too. I've made a couple of softie patterns that I used for Mirabel last year and also for The Toy Society. I could also bring along some books with softies patterns.

  3. I'm planning to take part. I've made softies before, but not sure I'm so great on instructing others :) It would be great if we could get somewhere that we could set up sewing machines. I know my local library/council has a space accessible for community groups, but I'm a tad further out than many of you.
    PS. Could you pretty please enable the Name/URL commenting option on this blog?

  4. I was planning on making a softie for this event but haven't made them in years, so I'd be interested in any group activty organised in relation to it.

  5. Melanie, there's a place in Thornbury we're thinking of utilising which has sewing machines already set up. We'll try ton confirm it soon.

    We'll look into the Name/URL commenting option. We currently have comments set so that anyone with any kind of blog can comment.

    Rachel, we'd love to have you along!

  6. Thanks for making that change :) I self-host my blog, and unfortunately self-hosters are often left out of the commenting options. I did have an OpenID set up, but for some reason that's stopped working for me and I haven't figured out why yet. The Name/URL is my best option!

  7. No worries Melanie, we don't want anyone to be left out!


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