Friday, September 25, 2009

Meet the Northside Crafters: Little Cooties

Tell us about what you sell ...
Little Cooties started out making clothes for the little cuties in my life, and after a few requests to make some for other parents’ cuties, I decided to try my luck in the markets. I make dresses, and other clothes for girls as well as tops and pants for boys. I also make softies that range from cute and cuddly to vampire inspired creations. Today I thought about creating some pendants out of found objects that I came across today.

What inspires you?
Other crafters out there are a definite source of inspiration, the amount of talent and creation out there is incredible. My children inspire me to make things that they would like. They are my critics (although to date, they love everything, so I think they are a little biased!) Movies and tv series also inspire me to create – hence the vampire dolls/

What's your favourite medium to work in?
At the moment polar fleece has got my attention, as it is so versatile. Fantastic as clothes, hats and toys, such a textural fabric.

What would you be lost without ....
My computer, which is my classroom. If I ever need tips on how to do something new, I look it up. I can source materials using it, and of course communicate with other crafters.

What's your favourite crafty read
I recently bought Bend the rules sewing by Amy Karol – she is a truly inspiring woman!

And also Sew what! Skirts by Francesca Denhartog and Carole Ann Camp – which is funny as I don’t normally wear skirts! Ha! But I like what I see and I can feel the creative juices working away.

What do you like to listen to when you craft?

Koop, Koop Islands is fantastic for chilling out and creating with
Sugarbabes, Suga Babes to really get me pumping
Ministry of Sound Chillout sessions are always a great thing to have in the back ground.
And lastly Coastal Chill 09 which is a compilation of Australian artists and really fantastic.

What crafty forums do you lurk in ....
Crafster of course! Threadless is also a fount of information 

Whats up next for you on the craft front?
Will be trying my hand at resin jewellery…. I spent the day the other day catching red-back spiders, and my husband suggested resin to preserve them, so it’s a thought.

Do you have any UFO's (unfinished objects),what are they?
No unfinished, but lots of “I’d love to start”

Where else can people shop for your goodies?
Etsy has some dresses of mine, and I had a few items on made it, but sold them elsewhere, so need to put some more things on there, otherwise, my blog is a good place to look at my wares and contact me further.

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