Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Applications now open...............

Ladies and gents, get your engines started! The applications for our

November 28th market are open

Apply Now

We've had an overwhelming amount of interest for the November market and have taken on board your responses to our survey on opening hours, stall fees and advertising.
A big thank-you to all the October stall holders who filled out our "very quick" survey yesterday. Having your comments and thoughts allows us to make informed decisions.

For this market application, we have decided to offer it TOTALLY online.
No paper or printing required...Why?
Apart from saving the trees and the hip pocket on printing costs, it also cuts down on the manual data entry at our end and allows the committee to easily consolidate information ... (as we can suck the data into a spreadsheet and do funky things with it ... can you tell that one of us is in I.T?)

Planning meeting at the Wesley Anne ...

I'm sure that you'll agree the new application process is much more agreeable than trying to work with PDFs and word documents.

If you have any questions don't hesitate in dropping us a line

Otherwise .... let's get this party started!


  1. Hi gals - the online form is fantastic! It was so easy to fill out - thank you for offering this as an alternative.

  2. Love the online application form -- I am extremely slack when it comes to scanning things, and this was so convenient!

  3. Just filled it out, here's hoping :)
    There was a slot for a signature, wasn't sure what to do with that.


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