Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Redwork Quilt Project

Not sure if you have stumbled across "The Quilt Project" in your online travels. The site is certainly worth a few moments of your time.

For quite a few meetings, young Mel brought her block along to work on at Coffee and Craft gatherings ... her finished project is truely inspiring!

Northside member Curlypops has also done a square!

An online community friendship quilt made up of 66 squares.
A modern twist on traditional redwork - participants were asked to "work a square in red".

After hours of handwork by each of the participants the squares were posted to Melbourne where they were photographed & assembled into a temporary quilt.

Displayed for one night the quilt squares will now be returned to their creators or swapped.

The Quilt Project is a permanent record for everyone to enjoy. Thanks for your interest.

The Quilt Project was initiated in Melbourne by Kirsty from kootoyoo.

If you are interested in similar projects , check out Block Party Blog for some inspiring ideas.

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