Thursday, October 1, 2009

International Day of Felt 3rd October 2009

Hey did you know that it is International Year of the Natural Fibres?

via fibrespace on flickr

So Northside Makers ... do you have any felt you would like to show off? Blog about it and link to this post!
"In celebration of the first-ever International Day of Felt, a group of felt artists has formed under the name ‘Felt United’ and have invited felt makers from around the globe to join them in helping to raise awareness of felt making, both as a craft and as an art form. Felt United has set a theme, which is ‘a slice of the colour wheel’, yellow through red. They have also set the task of getting felt makers to display their felt and to make a project of getting people together to make felt.

This is an open call to felters around the world who have not yet heard about FeltUnited. We are asking felters everywhere to participate on October 3rd, 2009. Display your felt - on your front door, in the park, along the road or on your car." via Canberra Felters

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