Thursday, October 22, 2009

Monday 26th October - Craft and Cider at the Northcote Social

Hooray for daylight savings and a little bit of spring weather. The days are getting longer and warmer...... So what better time to host the first of our Craft and Cider evenings!

picture via Twinssoon on etsy

We would like to invite all those members that ticked "weeknights" on there forms, to a Craft and Cider, or beverage of your choice, evening at the Northcote Social club (Directions here)

Monday 26th October
Northcote Social club
301 High st,
7pm onwards.....

A few of us will be ordering dinner at 7 as we come straight from work. If you don't want dinner you are welcome to come just for chats and drinkies or arrive a little later, so that you're not tempted by the lovely smells.

There's lots of us now, so hopefully we all fit in!

RSVP here, so that we know who is coming and who to make room for.

We'll set up out in the back area of the Northcote Social, near the dining room.
You can order food, alcohol, cake and coffee as we chat and chew our way through crochet, embroidery or any hand held project.

It's the perfect time to share any ideas you've come up with about how you'd like to see the collective evolve.
Look forward to seeing you all there....
and don't worry if you didn't tick evenings on your're still welcome too.
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  1. I hope to be there this time! Fingers crossed as long as all goes smoothly with the kidlets.

    Regars, Lara (thornberry)

  2. would love to join you! looking forward to seeing you all on Monday.


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