Sunday, October 11, 2009

Share your Northside Makers Market photos!

We will bring you a full market wrap-up post as soon as we've recovered.

In the meantime we invite you to join the brand-new Northside Makers Market & Events group on Flikr and share your views of the day. Just click here and make a request to join. We'll approve you ASAP so you can start sharing your photos!


  1. Congratulations on a successful market, it was great to see so many stallholders there. Thanks for all of your hard work getting it all organised!

  2. Oh, can't wait to see photo's and your write up to see how the very first market went - I am sure it was gorgeous... It does take longer than a day to recover - normally about a week... LOL


  3. congratulations!!! I heard that Northside's first ever was a massive success and the people involved I spoke to had a fab time!!! well done!!! I hope I get accepted for next month - I have a feeling it is going to be quite competitive to get a spot! :o)

    ~ Samone

  4. yay, what a fantastic day!! great work ladies, you are the bestest organisers ever!! ♥

  5. Thank you: it was a beautiful, beautiful market.

    Gaylene (Blue Blue Places - wooden boxes and craft books)

  6. What a lovely day, I hope you do another one soon!


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